Diary of a bed-ridden insomniac

I have been told not to look at the screen for too long, the healthy dose of which I have already exhausted for today, not to read lying down, which I have already done before the pain kicked hard enough again, to get as much rest as possible, which translates to morbid stagnancy for me and I lie awake in bed, an hour after midnight, thinking where the hell have all my mediation practices through a less action-oriented, always doing stuff kind of life has gone!It clearly seems to have hit the wall!!

Being in bed without reading something is such an agonizing bore! Resting while awake is life-threatening, having the potential to kill me if the sickness doesn’t.


Fascinated by the dance of words as they blur the lines between reality and illusion, fact and fiction! Here, I write of my blurred songs of desire!

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